Personal training…it’s not just for celebrities and superstar athletes. Become a trainer or get trained at the SAC!

31 10 2012

What’s a personal trainer? A personal trainer is a fitness professional who works one-on-one with clients. Trainers meet with clients to get an overall sense of the client’s current fitness level through assessment and observation. After the initial assessment, the trainer will know how to proceed with the client by creating an exercise prescription.

Personal trainers teach clients how to perform exercise moves and use exercise equipment. The trainer observes the client’s form to ensure he or she executes the moves correctly to avoid injury and to increase efficiency during exercise. Personal trainers motivate their clients and help them stay on track toward their fitness goals.

Some people use trainers on a regular basis while others meet with a trainer once or twice to establish a plan before working out on their own. A personal trainer guides, motivates and coaches you to reach your personal best.

What can I expect from personal training? People who hire personal trainers and closely follow their exercise prescriptions can see very positive results in improved body composition, physical performance, heart condition and health outcomes.

I thought only celebrities and professional athletes got personal training. No, anyone can be personally trained! All you need to have is a desire to improve your level of physical fitness. For those of us not in kinesiology, athletic training, sports management, nutrition, etc., it helps to invest in education in those areas. Personal training is the way to go.

Is it really expensive? Not at all. Check out our personal training packages here. Hiring a personal trainer is truly investing financially in your physical your health.

You can be certified as a personal trainer in-house OR get trained at the Student Activity Center. For more information about the certification on 11/19-20 or to hire a personal trainer, contact Megan Mast at (985) 549-5729 or email Megan at We look forward to hearing from you!




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